Grow Food at Home

No matter the size of your urban growing space, learn to grow nutrient-dense food, using regenerative gardening practices.
Gain knowledge and learn hands-on skills to plan and maintain an abundant year-round productive garden.
The course covers topics such as:
• Growing in pots and containers, raised beds and no-dig gardens
• Building and sustaining soil health
• Seasonal planning and crop rotation
• Companion planting and beneficial insects
• Natural methods to manage pests and weeds
• Recycle waste into compost and worm farms
• Growing edible plants from seed and cuttings

When: Fri 9.30am-1.30pm
Term 2: 28th Apr – 23rd Jun (9 wks)
Cost: Free
Subject to ACFE eligibility
Venue: Fawkner Neighbourhood House
79 Jukes Rd., Fawkner 
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