Employment Opportunities

How to become a tutor for BNH

Professional tutors

If you have expertise in a particular subject and a great proposal for a course, you could get paid to teach at BNH. Typically, you’d have teaching experience and a detailed course plan ready to go. You’ll gain all of the benefits of being involved with a community centre – experience, networking, professional development – and get paid for it too.

What do we expect from tutors?

  • Prepare and plan a course or activity
  • Create a friendly, safe and respectful learning environment
  • Treat participants with respect and care
  • Take an interactive approach, share the responsibility for learning with participants and encourage enquiry
  • Provide appropriate feedback to participants
  • Abide by the BNH code of conduct
  • Comply with relevant legislation and all centre policies
  • Follow BNH procedures in regard to enrolments and class attendance

How to propose a course

To submit your idea for a course, we will need a brief written proposal.

As simply as possible, describe your idea or proposed course:

  • What knowledge or skills will be taught or practised in this course?
  • Who is the course designed for?
  • What will participants gain from the course: a skill or a finished product, or both?
  • What other benefits do you envisage for participants?
  • How many hours and sessions will the program run for?

Also include the following information:

  • Whether you are offering to volunteer or looking for paid work
  • Your contact details
  • Which centre/s you are offering to teach at
  • A relevant and up to date resume. We will also require a reference.

What happens next?

If we like your proposal, you’ll meet with us to discuss your ideas in more detail

At this meeting we’ll ask things like:

  • Do participants need to have any special knowledge or skills to do this course?
  • Is the course for complete beginners, for those with prior knowledge or can it be a combination of beginners and those who have some prior knowledge?
  • Do you see this course being an ongoing course or a one-off course?
  • What equipment do you need to teach the course? e.g. a whiteboard, tables, etc.
  • What equipment or materials would participants be required to supply? How much would this cost them?
  • What equipment or materials will you be supplying or purchasing for participants (for which you will be reimbursed)?
  • Do you have preferred dates, days or times for your course to be scheduled?
  • What is the maximum number of people that could do this course?
  • Is there a particular room or venue that you require or prefer for this course?

Please note that not all ideas or proposals can be taken up.

If your proposal is accepted, we’ll advertise through a variety of promotional means. Your class will start as soon as we get the required minimum number of enrolments.

If we like your proposal, you’ll meet with us to discuss your ideas in more detail.


To find out more, call 9386 9418 Or send in your expression of interest and resume – info@bnhc.vic.edu.au